Namaste — Possibly the most beautiful word ever said in yoga. There are many interpretations, my favourite being: “The divine light in me bows to the divine light in you”

Welcome to Connect the Dots – an interactive online community space.

My name is Kate Schubert and I will attempt to define myself and where this dream came from….



Connect the Dots was formed in 2013 through the unfortunate nature of a chronic illness. The dream was created in the stillness that followed and since then has fully transformed and shifted, much like the way my life has.

My dream has always been to contribute to making our society a more mindful place.  Kate Schubert


I hold a belief in the purities of philosophy, and that nature holds a deep symbolism that can be read and used as a guide. I am deeply spiritual and yet don’t identify with the dogma that quite often comes along with it. I believe that every human has a spiritual side. My illness was an awakening of sorts – and I am deeply grateful for each experience life has offered me.




I’ve worked with many different populations throughout my life, offering me exposure to a diverse range of people (and animals!)  The seeds of my career began in Social Science. Soon after, I moved into a case manager and support planner position in disability. Following on from this I worked as a youth consultant offering individual and group sessions with teenagers at risk of disengaging from schools. More recently my roles have included working at The Butterfly Foundation as a Counsellor and in Private practice as a Psychotherapist/Counsellor and Coach.


My Qualifications include;

Certificate 3 in Personal Training

Bachelor of Social Science in Counselling

Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy

Yoga Teaching

Trauma Informed Yoga

Yin Yoga Teaching

Meditation Facilitation

Embody Love Facilitator and

Masters of Gestalt Psychotherapy

I align strongly with a person centred and relational approach that focuses on building awareness. With foundations in Gestalt and Rogerian philosophy I have a strong interest in somatic based therapies, mindfulness, neurobiology and trauma fields. I believe in holistic healing and enjoy ancient philosophies in therapeutic streams, as well as, evidence based models.

Mostly, my passion is for integration, authenticity and supporting others to connect the dots and become the best version of themselves.


I do this through providing services such as;








And Retreats



I work across a broad range of areas, however specialise in the following:

Eating disorders
Trauma presentations
Infertility and pregnancy
Anxiety Counselling




In coaching, I work with individuals through the Dots Program enabling people to feel empowered and embody wellness and clarity.

If you feel you would like to find out more about my work email or visit the Contact page.

I look forward to meeting and working with you.